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FRAS-LE signs license agreement with NUCAP for NRS SAFE attachment technology

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Toronto, Canada – FRAS-LE announced yesterday an agreement with NUCAP Industries to license the PACE Award Winning NRS SAFE Technology. The agreement gives FRAS-LE the rights to incorporate the NRS SAFE program through their CV product line in South America, further enhancing their industry wide reputation as the leader in brake safety and performance.

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FRAS-LE, one of the global leaders in the manufacture of automotive friction products, is taking a stand on brake safety. FRAS-LE has joined NUCAP, acquiring the rights to manufacture NRS SAFE-applied brake friction products, amplifying the technology’s usage in all CV pads produced in South America.

As one of the largest producers of brake products, FRAS-LE has outstanding credentials in the development of market-leading friction in each of its product segments. Long known for product quality, innovation, and diligence in testing and safety, FRAS-LE remains focused on market leadership and is dedicated to overall market safety.

“There is no doubt that the marketplace is challenged in finding brake products that are guaranteed to provide safe operation throughout the product’s use. NRS SAFE takes that uncertainty away, stated FRAS-LE CEO, Sergio Carvalho.

“FRAS-LE produces one of the best frictions in the world, able to withstand extreme temperatures in the harshest of environments,” added NUCAP CEO, Montu Khokhar. “As a responsible manufacturer, they have taken the next step by adding NRS SAFE, ensuring that their brake pads, which are critical to vehicle safety are not only improved for today’s needs, but are ready for autonomous vehicles, where a zero-failure rate will be a critical necessity for brake products.”


Founded in 1954, Fras-le is one of the global leaders in its business of Safety in Motion Control. Fras-le was the first friction material manufacturer in Brazil to obtain certification with the ISO 9001 Standard and has ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO TS 16949, confirming the company’s constant concern with quality, technology, and the environment. In its advanced Research and Development Center, one of the best equipped in the world, Fras-le has chemical, physical, and pilot laboratories that allow high performance products to be developed.

With industrial plants in Brazil, China and the United States, distribution centers in Argentina and Europe and commercial offices in Chile, Mexico, South Africa and United Arab Emirates the company keeps a well-structured team to service its clients in over 100 countries on all of the continents where it operates.

With over 12 thousand SKU’s in the FRAS-LE, LONAFLEX & CONTROIL brands, the company offers the consumer a full line of products that includes linings and pads for heavy duty vehicles, pads, linings, and shoes for light vehicles, clutch facings, pads, and shoes for motorcycles, pads for aircrafts, pads and shoes for trains and subways, molded and braided linings, and universal plates. Fras-le is part of the Randon Companies.


NUCAP is the global leader in brake system component innovation and manufacturing. With locations in Canada, China, Spain and the United States, NUCAP co-develops and supplies next generation brake safety technologies to the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of brake pads and shoes.

NRS SAFE is a patented process for the surface modification of disc brake backing plates, adding consistent matrix of raised steel hooks that facilitate a mechanical bond between disc brake plate and friction materials.

NRS is often called “the hidden benefit”, essentially invisible on a finished brake pad while delivering brake products that are:

Longer Lasting

New programs using the NRS SAFE disc brake backing plates, deliver Greener, More Cost Effective, and ultimately, Safe brake products into the hands of the automotive service industry.