When NUCAP was founded in August 1994, we started with decades of experience in the production of brake system components. August of 1994 simply illustrates when NUCAP revolutionized the market by developing what is still defined as state of the art conventional press technologies and innovative advanced die designs. By combing re-defined process flows with innovative product designs & standards NUCAP did not become yet another metal stamper, but rather a product innovator.

September, 2017.

Fras-le becomes NUCAP’s 7th international NRS™ Licensee.

September, 2017.

TRW Highlights Complete NRS™ Integration in TRW Lucas Motorcycle Brake Pad Product Lines. Cites “indispensable added safety for all motorbike riders!”.

September, 2016.

ASK becomes NUCAP’s 6th international NRS™ Licensee.

August, 2016.

Super Circle becomes NUCAP’s 5th international NRS™ Licensee.

January, 2016.

NUCAP China launches production on initial FineBlank Plus program for Chinese OE.

July, 2014.

NUCAP North American launches production on inaugural FineBlank Plus O.E. program.

July, 2014.

GRIP Metal Bonding Systems for Composites – R&D Starts.

February, 2012

Elig Brake Industrial Company Limited becomes NUCAP’s 5th international NRS™ Licensee.

February, 2012
January, 2012

EBC Brakes becomes NUCAP’s 4th international NRS™ Licensee.

January, 2012

December, 2010.

NUCAP launches NUCAP Global identity.

October, 2010.

NUCAP acquires full ownership of NUCAP Europe.

August, 2006.

NUCAP Acquires 50% of ADI and forms NUCAP Europe.

March, 2006.

Introduction of Mini & Micro NRS™.

November, 2005.

Introduced Teflon Shim Coatings.


Sera Company Limited becomes NUCAP’s 3rd international NRS™ Licensee.


January, 2003.

NUCAP opens new North American dedicated OE Production.

September, 2002.

Introduced NRS™ MAXX Solid Plate Products.

June, 2001.

NU-Blank is awarded first OE & OES programs.


Scandinavian Brake Systems becomes NUCAP’s 2nd international NRS™ Licensee.


NUAdi becomes NUCAP’s 1st international NRS™ Licensee.


April, 2000.

Introduced NU-Blanking Disc Brake Backing Plate Technology.

February, 1998.

Introduced Circle V Technology (predecessor to NRS™).

January, 1995.

Began Brake Shoe Production.

August, 1994.

NUCAP is founded.