Of the many complexities of friction manufacturing none generates a higher risk to quality than the finish. The addition of painted finishes, due primarily to the need for bare steel in adhesive-based molding, represented the Achilles heel of friction manufacturing. Now, manufacturing can move beyond the cost, challenges and limitations imposed by the need to paint by incorporating a pre-finished plate into their process.


The impact of the NRS Mold Ready Plate

The NRS technology enables us to manufacture the Mold Ready Plate – a pre-coated or pre-treated NRS-applied plate – allows the removal of pre and post molding operations, bringing a greater simplicity to all aspects of the friction production process. As well, the nature of the coating provide greater accuracy on critical dimensions.

Return to simplicity

• Less plate deflection
• A less complex manufacturing process
• More consistent abutment span dimensions
• Elimination of “Rust Jacking”
• Fewer enviromental concerns
• Options to increase rust protection to levels above paint

Rethink the foundation

While the development of IM overcame many of the negative characteristics inherent in riveted disc brake pads, it added multiple layers of complexity to the pad manufacturing process – and problems of its own. The development and/or improvement of what we call “NRS Enabling Technologies” now brings opportinity to render the cost and time burdens typical to IM pad manufacturing obsolete and make possible the NUCAP Mold Ready Plate.

HEX free & FNC coatings

NUCAP continues to research and develop a range of coatings for its Mold Ready Plate products that will maximize benefits in manufacturing and on vehicle life cycle for disc brake pads. Each of the different coatings provides superior corrosion resistance and minimal environmental impact.


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