Step Chamfered Plates

NUCAP’s Step Chamfer Technology makes plates lighter and flatter. The Step Chamfer consumes less material than a conventional angled chamfer and improves flatness while reducing weight.



Lighter and flatter backing plates.

NUCAP® has looked at the chamfering process and found an innovative alternative – step chamfering – which allows for brake system engineers to reduce manufacturing cost, improve the flatness and reduce weight of the brake backing plates.



Why lighter weight matters now.

Fuel-economy standards have been regulated by the governement since 1975 when the C.A.F.E. (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) law was created. C.A.F.E. standards for fuel economy had stood frozen for years until 2010 when it was declared that the average fuel economy for all cars, starting with 2011 models, must improve by over 30% by the year 2016. So every gram counts.


OEM approved.

NUCAP’s innovative step chamfering process is OEM approved. It provides the nec­essary clearance between the backing plate and the caliper housing while reducing material usage, resulting in backing plates that are lighter, flatter, more cost effective than angle chamfered plates while providing an innovative attractive finish for your product.

The high manufacturing cost of angled chamfers

At the manufacturing level, an angle chamfer adds cost to a backing plate through increased material consumption and the loss of efficien­cy as the process places a high burden on the stamping tools, resulting in higher downtime and maintenance. The angle chamfer also negatively affects plate flatness as a result of the force that is applied.



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