In the competitive friction market today, branding and product differentiation are more critical than ever. By offering a wide range of shim colors, NUCAP makes it easier than ever to separate your brand from the competition. While the silver-on-black or simply black “look” has market appeal, if you are looking for something different than the normal NUCAP would love to discuss our options with you.



An exceptional, color capable finish

NUCAP supplies rich, glossy finish that can be color matched to any standard Pantone color, allowing customers to color match shims to corporate, brand or product lines logo/color scheme. In addition, shims can be imprinted using specific inks and printing technologies.

A non-stick solution to shims binding on the caliper

The dry lubricity of the coating provides exceptional performance in reducing shim binding on the caliper, a force central to shim delamination. The Non-Stick PTFE finish allows the disc brake pad to deflect naturally under load without stressing the shim/plate attachment, or relying on lubricating the external face of the shim.


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