R&D Test Technician

Nucap Industries Inc.

Office Toronto , Ontario

Full-Time, Permanent


Position Summary:

Responsible for set-up, operation and monitoring of test equipment. The Test Technician also carries out other responsibilities such as assisting in preventative maintenance of test equipment, and preparing documentation as per the quality management system.

Essential Functions
  • Responsible for set-up and operation of the following equipment within a laboratory setting:
    • Dynos, Corrosion Chamber, and Shear machine
  • Measure, document and take detail pictures prior to testing (all equipment)
  • Document all parameters of test (all equipment)
  • Install fixtures onto dynos
  • Constant monitor of on going test (in dyno)
  • Extract tested sample from dyno(s) upon completion of test
  • Dismantle fixture and components (clean and store in location)
  • Measure, document and take detail pictures after test (all equipment)
  • Run internal test report template (excel) (all equipment)
  • Trouble shoot test report template faults / errors
  • Trouble shoot mechanical and electrical faults
  • Source test specimen from local supplier (pads + rotors from APC)
  • Contact and coordinate with service personnel regarding repair work needed on dyno(s)
  • Setup samples on testing platforms (Corrosion Chamber)
  • Setup chamber with salt water as per ASTM B-117 requirements
  • Monitor pressure(s) and chamber components prior to start of test
  • 24 hrs cycle of test inspection (or as required by Project) – include detail pictures, data collection (temp, solution PH, specific gravity, humidity, fog collection rate etc.)
  • Clean & decontaminate chamber upon completion of test
  • Document and store samples
  • Setup machine with various fixtures (Shear Machine)
  • Collect and perform On-Vehicle inspection on various employee’s vehicle @ Midas
  • Assist in preventative maintenance of test equipment.
  • Assist with dyno and corrosion chamber trouble shoot during faults and breakdowns.
  • Assist in the bicycle test fixture set up and testing in R&D lab.
  • Conduct and maintain general housekeeping.
  • Coordinate additional assistance needed for housekeeping of R&D lab (general repairs).
  • Contact and coordinate with service personnel regarding repair work needed on equipment.
  • Coordinate and ship samples to external labs to meet testing requirements.
  • Rusted brake pads inspection
  • Assist in QMS documentation
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Education & Experience
  • Technician diploma in Engineering or Science or equivalent education and experience.
  • 3- 5 years experience with regulatory and quality systems, preferably within automotive industry
  • Familiar with the use of basic measuring instruments.
  • Basic machine shop skills.
  • Excellent communication skills; verbal, written, report and presentation skills
  • Reading and interpreting patent; communicating technical information
  • Interpreting, analyzing complex data and developing reports
  • Problem identification and problem solving skills
  • Research and development skills
  • Keep current with test trends and share knowledge
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional team environment, and independently with minimum supervision
  • Ability to be innovative and generate creative solutions.
  • PC skills; Microsoft Office applications ( Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)
Working Conditions
  • Lab environment
  • Occasional weekends as needed.
  • Flexible to work later than regular schedule working hours as needed.
  • Flexible to travel cross border for training as needed.
  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Good housekeeping of Lab / work area.
Job Type:

Full-Time, Permanent



If interested, please send your resume to with subject line “Application for R&D Test Technician”

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