With over 750 Million units in service, globally - all since its launch in 2001, NRS patented technology is now the premiere Mechanical Attachment Technology in the world. Originally used on those platforms where extreme performance was the standard, NRS use has evolved to capture the full range of cost benefits that mechanical attachment brings to friction manufacturing.


• Audi A6 Front
• Audi A6 Rear
• Dodge Ram 1500 Front
• Dodge Ram 1500 Rear
• Dodge Ram 1500 Front
• Dodge Ram 1500 Rear
• Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Front
• Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Rear
• Dodge Durango Front
• Dodge Durango Rear
• Chrysler RS Minivan Front
• GM Epsilon II
• GMT-560 Heavy Duty Plate
• GMT900 Light Truck
• SRT-10 Front
• SRT-10 Rear
• Ford F-250/350 Front
• Ford F-450 Rear
• Dodge Dakota Front
• DC DH Front
• DC DH Rear
• BFL Program
• ALFA Romeo 939
• IVECO Eurocargo
• Chicago Transit Train Brake
• Chrysler Promaster
• School buses
• Axletech
• Meritor Air Disc






NUCAP permanent bond

NRS is one of the solutions that NUCAP developed to provide more safe, quiet and cost effective products for the braking industry. NRS' hundreds of steel hooks create a permanent bond with the friction material. The NRS mechanical attachment holds the friction material better than any adhesive.

From start to finish, NRS technology has been developed to maximize efficiency, while minimizing required resources. NUCAP has examined the typical IM friction manufacturing cycle, and eliminated the wasteful and environmentally harmful steps. Choosing NRS as a friction attachment technology also eliminates both plate preparation, and the use of chemical adhesives. No chemical adhesive means:

• no hazardous waste
• fewer harmful emissions from the production and disposal of glue
• lower production costs



NUCAP is so confident in the NRS technology, we’re pleased to announce the NUCAP Industries, fully-funded, 100% Brake Pad Performance Guarantee. Starting May 1, 2013, NUCAP will guarantee all brake pads manufactured with the NRS™ Retention System against delamination for the useful life of the pads and will reimburse customers a flat $250 for the cost of their brake pads and labor.

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NRS hook geometry

NRS Hooks are engineered to specific tolerances, including height, curl, offset (lateral curl), and density (hooks per cm2). Hook Geometry is consistent across all sized of NRS – HD (CV, industrial, racing), Standard (passenger cars), Mini (motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles), and Micro (plastics and fine-granulation molded products).






NRS Enhances

NRS allows brake pads to be run down to the last few millimeters of friction material, while still maintaining 100% retention, enhancing life of your brake pads and saving you money on costly replacements. NRS has earned the reputation of being “bulletproof” in its resistance to shear loads, corrosion and heat. NRS-applied pads allow friction manufacturers to engineer friction products that demonstrate an extended duty cycle by retaining overall plate/pad integrity to the absolute end of friction wear.



Adhesive / NRS comparison

Tests show that the NRS plates will keep the friction attached to the backing plate until the very end of the brake pad life. Adhesives break down quite rapidly during the braking cycle. This can cause edgelift, which can lead to noise, vibration, rust-jacking and eventual breakdown of the brake pad. NRS drastically improves retention and shear values no matter if there is glue or not and over all conditions.



Eliminate edge lift and delamination

• Eliminates premature replacement due to noise
• Eliminates partialy broken friction material
• Pad integrity right to the last millimeter of friction


NUCAP NRS innovation recognized

NUCAP was recognized with the Automotive News PACE Award for its NUCAP Retention System (NRS), as well as the spirit of innovation that characterizes the culture of the company.