Our products reflect the quality-first and innovative approach that is standard in every NUCAP engineered solution - designed to provide the consumer with the highest levels of safety, performance and value while saving manufacturers time and money.

Backing Plates


With over 750 Million units in service, globally - all since its launch in 2001, NRS patented technology is now the premiere Mechanical Attachment Technology in the world. Originally used on those platforms where extreme performance was the standard, NRS use has evolved to capture the full range of cost benefits that mechanical attachment brings to friction manufacturing.

FineblankPlus Backing Plates


The latest solution from NUCAP to provide the quality of Fine Blank stamping and production value of Conventional stamping.

Step Chamfer - FineblankPlus backing plates

Step Chamfer

NUCAP's Step Chamfer Technology makes plates lighter and flatter. The Step Chamfer consumes less material than a conventional angled chamfer and improves flatness while reducing weight.

NRS Mold Ready

Of the many complexities of friction manufacturing none generates a higher risk to quality than the finish. The addition of painted finishes, due primarily to the need for bare steel in adhesive-based molding, represented the Achilles heel of friction manufacturing. Now, manufacturing can move beyond the cost, challenges and limitations imposed by the need to paint by incorporating a pre-finished plate into their process.

Conventional Plates

NUCAP can manufacture Integral Molded (IM) plates for virtually any application in the world. We only use top quality materials and our in-house designed tools in our plants.


Attaching Hdw.

We manufacture attaching hardware that follows the strict specifications of the OE and aftermarket. At NUCAP we are committed to provide the best product so our customers can achieve the best brake performance. Our brake attachment share the same technology and quality that made all NUCAP's products known in the brake industry.

Drum & Shoe

NUCAP offers a full line of brake Drum and Shoe springs, levers, and clips to ensure the proper operation of drum brake systems. The only way to be sure about the quality of a vehicles entire braking system is to have quality products in all the brake components.

Electronic Wear Sensor


Electronic Wear Sensors

GRIP Metal

Mechanical Adhesive

GRIP Metal, the latest innovation from NUCAP, is all that and more. Based on our patented hook technology, GRIP Metal is a major step forward in the science of materials bonding. GRIP Metal is a metal bonding material configured in sheets that are easy to work with, can be sized to your specifications and are available in a range of thicknesses and hook depths.


DRT - Drag Reduction Technology


The NUCAP DRT is the best solution to stop brake drag, saving money and time. The DRT spreader springs keep the pads away from the rotor, saving time, gas and money, extending the life of the pad. Now you can buy DRT online at www.nucapperformance.com.


Brake Align

The revolutionary Brake Align Runout Correction Plates provide the simplest, least costly and most effective solution to correcting excessive lateral runout. Lateral runout can be measured, with a dial indicator, and can be corrected in less than five minutes per wheel. With two taper sizes available, Brake Align allows for runout up to .009 over specification to be corrected without the need for a costly wheel hub bearing replacement or the use of an On-The-Car Brake Lathe. Most importantly, the use of Brake Align does not involve cutting a new rotor which can affect the integrity of the rotor and surface condition. Now you can buy it online at www.nucapperformance.com.

NU-LOK | Piston Cushion

NU-LOK | Piston Cushion

Using the same technology as a NU-LOK shim, the PISTON CUSHION is designed to attack a known NVH problem area, the caliper/pad rotor interface, reducing noise levels and eliminating comebacks. As a mechanic or garage owner, NVH and heat are your enemies. Brake noise, vibration, harshness and excessive heat build-up are the leading causes of frustration for you and your customers. Now you can buy it online at www.nucapperformance.com.



NUCAP's independent floating shim technology gives our shims superior noise reduction properties. The NU-LOK shim combines the integrity a mechanical lock shim with the superior noise dampening capabilities and resistance to shear-based damage of Japanese-style OE shims. Along with enhanced attachment simplicity resulting in faster, more cost efficient production the NU-LOK shim is a true win-win.


NUCAP can manufacture shims for virtually any application in the world. When combined with the largest offering of shim materials available in the market and the widest range of attachment methods (tabbed, NU-LOK, Mold-on, MST, stake-on, adhesive) it is not hard to see why NUCAP is the market leader in shim production.


If your company is using the best technology and the best materials, it is good to let everybody else knows that. Better than that, it is a guarantee that they are getting what they are paying for. This is the best way to provide the right product and let the customer recognize your brand.

Colored Shims


In the competitive friction market today, branding and product differentiation are more critical than ever. By offering a wide range of shim colors, NUCAP makes it easier than ever to separate your brand from the competition. While the silver-on-black or simply black "look" has market appeal, if you are looking for something different than the normal NUCAP would love to discuss our options with you.