NUCAP is a privately owned company founded in August of 1994. At NUCAP, we take pride in bringing the market innovations for product performance and manufacturing efficiencies. As experts in cold form stamping for vehicle brake system components we are able to evaluate and improve current products to enhance safety, durability, performance, quality and cost.

NUCAP has grown from one operating location in Canada selling brake shoes to eight operating locations in four countries making backing plates, shims, piston cushion, hardware and electronic wear sensors.

NUCAP is proud to work with both Original Equipment and Aftermarket companies in the aviation, automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial, motorcycle and rail markets.

NUCAP Values

  • Growth through partnership
  • Leader in First to Market
  • Sole Provider in Solution Development / R&D / Testing
  • Leader in Marketing Partnerships
  • Leader in Supply Chain Logistics

NUCAP’s Products Add Value

  • Improved Brake Safety
  • Improved Brake Durability
  • Enhanced Noise Reduction
  • Enhanced Product Differentiation
  • Reduced Manufacturing Cost
  • Reduced Warranty Cost

NUCAP’s mission is to support our customers in the development of superior brake products that bring value beyond the commodity, delivering:

  • Improved performance at the wheel
  • Improved performance in the plant
  • Improved performance at the bottom line

History »

Learn more about NUCAP’s history and timeline of all the design and manufacturing innovations in the brake industry.

Production »

At NUCAP we are prepared to meet any production needs of our brake industry clients, always maintaining top quality manufacturing from beginning to end.

Locations »

  • Global Head Office
  • R&D Laboratory
  • Shoe, Shim, OE Plate, AM Plate, Piston Cushion
  • Caliper and attaching hardware, shims, levers, springs and wire forms
  • OE Plate, AM Plate, Shims, Electronic Wear Sensors
  • Plates, shims and caliper hardware


News »

NUCAP Team focused on expanding OE success during the 19th CFSMA In Chengdu
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TRW Highlights Complete NRS Integration in TRW Lucas Motorcycle Brake Pad Product Lines. Cites "indispensable added safety for all motorbike riders!"
Click below to read what TRW Lucas says about the value, safety, and capability of NRS in delivering an adhesive-free bond that manages thermal loads and driving conditions typical to motorcycles, across the brake pad's extended service life....
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Events Schedule»

SAE 2017 Brake Colloquium - Sept. 24-27, Orlando, Florida
Show Highlights - Presentation of a Technical Paper Proposing SAE Standards to Define, Dimension and Measure Disc Brake Plates for Manufacture, and an in-hall oral presentation on the status of NUCAP's New Technology development programs...
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